Simplifying local marketing in Chillicothe

Simplifying local marketing in Chillicothe


Chillicothe is where Ohio's rich heritage comes to life.

From playing a central role in the Native American Hopewell culture to its two runs as state capital, the Chillicothe area has long been a vital part of Ohio. Agriculture, manufacturing, and health care are a few key of the key industries here, and the city is a hub for nearby rural communities.


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Established in Cincinnati in 1793 and relocated to Chillicothe in 1800, the Chillicothe Gazette is Ohio's oldest newspaper. We cover the Ross County area, and we're a proud part of the USA TODAY NETWORK.

Meet your Chillicothe audience.

Market Population (18+) 148,660
Median Age 41
Average HH Income $64,158
Bachelor's Degree or Higher
Home Owner

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Voice search has 20% of the mobile search origination share, and comScore predicts that number will swell to 50% by 2020.


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Extra, extra!

Did you know that 32% of Chillicothe residents are age 55 and older? This consumer demographic tends to follow local news closely, and it puts a lot of stock in the hometown paper. If this is your market, a print and digital ad campaign in your local paper may be the way to go.

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